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START HERE 2: Create libraries


A library is a container that can hold similar documents. Say you have a meeting for your community and need to store all that meetings documents. Within your community you would Add Content > Library from the drop down button.

Name your library such as 2016-09-09 meeting. Include additional description and tabs and scroll down to the Upload files section. We suggest that you have CHEC open and sized 50% on your screen and 50% for Windows Explorer. Simply select your files from W/Explorer and drag them to the dialog marked 'Drag files here'. Before starting the download check that you have selected the correct files. If you have an extra file remove it by clicking the red minus icon. When are ready click Start Upload. This may take a few minutes according to the number of files you uploaded. When done your files will appear on top of the dialogue. Provide each document with a name. Re-order the files by dragging the cross-bar icon on the left. Once done, select I agree to the terms and save the document. 

Tip: If you notice that you have additional files to upload and you have already added descriptions and rearranged your documents, rather Save the document and go back in and re-edit to upload additional items. Adding new documents refreshes the list of documents and removes edits and reordering. 

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