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START HERE 3: Adding CHEC members to your community


As administrator to your community you will see Administer group in the blue bar just below your community header. Select Administer group > Add people Enter the user name, hopefully they have created their user with first initial last name which we advise. You may notice that as you start typing the site will begin to search the database and offer you choices, select the user. Checking the Roles > administrator member check box will give this user total rights to you community. Leave this blank if you simply want them to join. Enter a message in the Request message to the user, that they now have been added to the community. It is important to note that a physical email is not sent, rather a notice in the users My CHEC account. Notification can also been seen in the top blue bar next to their name.

A new feature has been added that allows you to Invite a new user to CHEC-CESC to your community in one step. See additional reference link.

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