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open access e-learning: Refugee and Global Health e-Learning Program

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We officially launched the Refugees and Global Health e-Learning Program ( Monday April 16, 2012 at the Canadian Conference for Medical Education Global Health: Medical Education Beyond Boundaries. This e-learning was developed following the Ontario Global Health Education Framework. 

The goal for our e-learning was to produce a CanMEDS for global health, open-access, primer for medical students- our central focus has been on junior medical students involved in refugee health outreach service learning electives (such as the Health Advocacy for Refugees Program at UoOttawa) but we are noting that other medical students, residents, nursing students, international medical graduates, and IMGs to Canada interested in global health in general are finding the e-learning modules helpful and are linking the site to their associations.  We are also hoping the e-learning may prove useful as a student primer to support pre-departure training programs (for example Professional Module).  The instructional design for the e-learning is PowerPoint based, and so it was also designed to be used live as e-supplement for presentations and workshops; for example, there may be useful elements for teaching sessions such as case studies, video clips, film clips, and other linked global health education resources. We are currently developing an evaluation that will be used to ensure students satisfactorily complete the e-learning modules, and we will provide successful students with a Certificate of Program completion.  Developing e-learning content is time intensive, expensive and worth very little if it is not integrated in some way to support local curriculum, we hope this open access offering will help support Canadian global health education initiatives.