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Blog vs Blogpost

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The terms used to describe the community blog posts is a bit confusing.  Communities can publish a 'blog', which can be commented upon much like a typical blog-post in conventional blog engines. A blog in the conventional sense is composed up of multiple posts... but in CHEC-CESC the community can only publish a blog, that has no subtopics (only comments) below. 

Would it be more consistent to say that a community publishes Posts?  The Community Blog Page, where all the submissions are displayed, then makes sense as the collection of posts, and comments.

To do make this change, the "For this Community"  items in the left-hand menu would need to change so that:

"Add a Community Blog" should say "Add a Community Blog Post". 

Perhaps that is too many characters, so an alternative might be "Add a Community Post". 

The authoring page would also need to be modified to say "Add a Community Blog Post" instead of "Add Community Blog" at the top of the page, just above the text editor components.


Hope this is not too confusing - and that it might help to improve the navigation for community postings.