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What are the difference between the LED tube light T5 and T8

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The difference between the brighter and energy saving of tube T5 and T8 such as the LED tube light T5 and T8

LED tube light T5

Since T5 diameter is much thinner than the diameter of T8, T12 lamps , the probability of elastic collision between the atoms and electronically generated by the inert gas filled with traditional fluorescent tube is higher, the energy loss is smaller, which is also very beneficial to improve the efficiency of light. Since the inert gas filled is an unique mixture inert gas, which not only better protect the lamp cathode and contribute to start the lamp , but the air pressure can be reduced in the tube,further improving the lumen output of the tube. Therefore, although the power of tube is lower, but the total flux do not reduce, thus lamp luminous efficiency is improved , which means that T5 especially the LED tube light T5 is brighter and more energy efficient than LED tube light T8,.

3, T5 and T8 fluorescent tube fluorescent tube length difference:

LED tube light T5 is generally 5CM shorter than LED tube light T8 ( not the same as the length of the interface are not the same ) , so we should fully consider the size of the LED tube light if we transform the project, if the T8 Lamp base is used for energy saving , we can be directly put LED tube light T8, if we want to change with LED tube T5 for more energy-efficient , then we need to add the conversion bracket to put it . However, note that if we use the LED tube T5 for energy saving , we are no longer put LED tube T8 unless install a base, such costs is too big , we can only use LED tube light T5 to replace.

4, Price difference between T5 and T8 tube:

There are customers saying T5 transformed into T8 is more energy , then he needs to concern to two problems, one is the cost of transforming the tube , the second is the price of LED tube T5 and L8, which is cheaper , it is generally between $ 2-5 difference that is not much difference , which can not be considered . So we just need to inspect the size of base we will be able to decide to use LED tube light T8 or a T5 in the end.Browsing the to know detailed description about the characters and uses of the LED tube light T5 and T8.

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