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Baddies loud attention getter & are you contributing to Internet outages

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Became aware of a new way of trying to shock you into clicking / downloading malware, which involves playing a very loud message on your computer speakers that attempts to surprise you into performing specific instructions.  It’s an interesting, but just another social media trick.  And as it turns out, it was superficial as a full Anti-Virus scan completed afterwards didn’t show any infections.

Unfortunately the tricks baddies use are well crafted, can use ads that show up on popular sites, and can just as quickly disappear once you attempt to make a complaint to the website owner (assuming you can).

Whether it is a loud unexpected message from your speaker, annoying looking pop-up or something is happening on your computer that doesn’t feel right, hold down the power button (ignore any messages saying don’t shutdown) and force the system to shutdown, then review with your local IT professional to take a look.

On another topic, have a fancy connected to the Internet device (“Internet of Things” or IoT) that you can access over your smart phone, while away.  Please do everybody a favour and update the default password (you can use the same password for all of your IoT devices, just make it a unique one, document and keep it safe).  These same devices were used to bring Twitter, Netflix and others sites down on Friday because of easy to access software that can configure the device to flood a particular critical infrastructure.  Suspect one of these days your Internet provider may tell you to disconnect or else no Internet, if the device you use is part of these attacks.  Get help if you’re not sure what or how to do it.

Safe computing everyone,