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Be aware of Email spoofing and Yahoo's turbulent times ahead

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Fall is here, with cooler weather and like falling leaves every year, spammers are out trying new tricks to get you to click on a malware attachment or link.

Have been asked why am I seeing emails coming from my email address, and is my email addressed been hacked.  The answer is very unlikely that your email account has been hacked, and more likely that your email address has been harvested from a very long list of email addresses.  For the most part, just ignore / delete these messages, especially if you do not have any automated email notifications setup using your email address.  (For those of us that do use email notifications, ignore / delete anything you're not expecting.)

As always, be very cautious on any email that appears odd, as it takes little effort to spoof an email address of someone you know and then use it to pretend to be legit, when it’s not.

Yahoo 500 million account breach.  What we’re being told so far is that someone has been able to grab Yahoo’s account list (that includes name, email address, birthdate, encrypted password and your challenge questions / answers) from back in 2014.  Two takeaways:

  1. If you have an active yahoo account, update the password and change your challenge questions;

§  Yahoo is in the process of being bought out by Verizon, and I don’t know if your email service will continue as is (I heard that Rogers uses Yahoo, for those of you affected, be prepared for changes);

§  Make sure any important emails / documents are copied / backed up to your personal computer(s), just in case;

§  Keep an eye on the news as Yahoo is at greater than normal risk for significant disruption given these latest events.

  1. Though we shouldn’t if you use the reuse the same password in your / previous Yahoo account, you need to change the password on your other accounts as soon as you can.

Be aware, be safe and have a good weekend,