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Once again, beware of email in sheep’s clothing.

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All, wanted to provide examples of the latest attempts of baddie emails tailored to get you to urgently open attachments or click on a link without giving it a second thought and allow the malware to load on your system.

First example:

Subject: Suspicious Movement on your bank account, act immediately

Dear <your name>, <a recognizable official’s name> from the bank notified us about the suspicious movements on our account.  Examine the attached scanned record.  If you need more information, feel free to contact me.

-the document in question can be either an infected PDF file or a zipped file that prompts you to double click / run an program

-the names are researched ahead of time, along with the possibility of the email address being spoofed or less likely though possible, hacked email account

-Banks are unlikely to send email, and even if it appears legit, call whoever directly and don’t use the links in the email, use your browser and bookmarks

Second example (thanks to Geny passing along a NOSM alert):

Subject: Tender Document

Find the attached document, kindly use your email and Pw to view the attachment.

-specific instructions on how to open a document should be considered suspicious

-avoid opening unsolicited email offering unexpected documents, or again treat them as likely SPAM / PHISH techniques

Keep me posted on any electronic based communication you’re suspicious of, so that we may continue to work together to watch each other’s back.

Take care,