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Ransomware what to do immediately after

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Whether you’re at the office or home, if you encounter a full screen ransomware type message (you’ll know it when you see it), do the following:

  1. 1. Stop what you’re doing, why or how it happen is irrelevant;
  2. 2. Quickly, take a picture of the screen (make sure it is readable / not blurry);
  3. 3. Then soon after Hold down your power button till the system powers down (ignore any other messages you may receive);
  4. 4. Immediately bring it to the attention of an IT person (myself, Bridgetech or if at home someone you know / trust).

Because of the variety of ransomware vectors, it’s hard to say what happens next, but by immediately shutting down your system you minimize as much as possible the malware’s effectiveness and hopefully avoid infecting anyone else, then the recovery process, if possible will start (don’t believe the statements / promises from thieves).