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Social Media based Support, Be Careful

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All, as we discover that using Twitter, Facebook or other social media type apps to make a complaint (versus trying to make a phone call) is an effective way of getting in touch with the company that you expect will fix the issue, be aware the baddies are watching / responding to those support requests to do you harm. 

In Britain, baddies were watching Twitter for complaints made by bank customers, and then responding quickly to the request, with instructions to click on a link, that appears to have taken you to the Bank’s website.  The website(s) were / are a well-crafted fraud of the original, and several customers were fooled, then end up entering in their account codes and passwords.  Which the baddies quickly turned around and started making withdrawals from the victim’s account.

Best advice, if in social media conversation with a support person, watch out for the clues that something isn’t right, let them know you’ll be expecting to log into your account using your own saved browser links / book marks, and avoid using Social Media type links.

Realize that you cannot know who you’re dealing with (especially with many of these support people working in other countries) and tread carefully, don’t provide personal information they should know, as well as be suspicious. 

Take care,