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Update on the baddies latest tactics

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As the baddies continue to change their tactics, I wanted you to be aware of the latest attempts, and if you happen to receive them either on your work or personal emails to ignore / delete:

  • Sending what appears to be “Travel Itinerary” notices, encouraging you to open a zip file and run the contents;
  • Sending word or other Office document attachments and then stating to be viewed properly you need to run the built in macro (Any document that asks you to allow it to run code, in most cases should be ignored / deleted or have it reviewed by myself ahead of time);
  •  Any attachment that shows a “.wsf” or “.rar” extension.


Any time you receive an email that doesn't look right and has an attachment or link, take the time to examine it carefully and if you're not comfortable, put it to the side and have an IT professional take another look before proceeding.

Remember baddie prevention is best done by all of us learning from each other and recognizing / avoiding the scams ahead of time.

Take care,