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Getting started

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To all those of you who have been so patiently waiting for something to happen in the eCoP, thank you for your patience! I have had a couple of lessons from AFMC (Catherine) and have just had a face-to-face tutorial on blogs, wikis and forums and so now feel a bit safer venturing into this new electronic world of social media.

I'm about to invite more people, many of whom I invited just before Christmas but I think the invitations got lost in the holiday shuffle. But for now, we have enough people to begin to talk, create, and share. As a starting point, I'd like to invite all of you to let me know what it is you'd like to discuss. We're all involved in this for a reason but what's really on your mind?

I'm very interested in both intra and inter professional collaboration - how we teach it, how we reinforce it, how we assess it in the learning and the practice contexts. I've heard people say lately, Lesley we get it - you don't need to sell us on it any more but where do we start? Among us we have lots of resources and will all be in different places so where are you and what would you like to discuss, debate, share, develop?

My tutorial on this technology taught me that a blog is for free flowing discussion, conceptualization, thinking aloud. A wiki, according to my tutor, is for actually collectively developing something and working on ot together. A forum on the other hand, is apparently a place to hold a more focused and detailed discussion of a specific issue. So I'm going to learn more about wikis and forums and when I hear back from you about what's on your minds, will start some work and focused discussions.

Please post away and let's see if we can learn how to make this a great place for intra and interprofessional education and practice dialogue in the context of medical education!

Looking forward to hearing from you,