National Report on Visiting Electives

(Published annually in April)

The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) is pleased to present the first edition of the AFMC Student Portal Data on Visiting Electives, National Report and accompanying Methodological Notes. The report captures information on the application and placement of undergraduate medical students entering their clerkship year who are applying through the AFMC Student Portal for away electives at a medical school in Canada. This data collection initiative was guided by the AFMC Student Portal Data Analysis Working Group in consultation with members of the Portal’s primary stakeholder groups – medical students, elective coordinators, and the undergraduate deans of medicine. The goal of the Working Group is to define data collection activities that will support effective policies and procedures related to visiting electives in Canada. A Faculty Report is also compiled for each medical school and released to the Dean of Medicine of each institution. Data are presented at an aggregate level in both reports and represent both Canadian and international applicants.

The National Report offers a view of application and placement activities across all medical schools in Canada and includes a Policy Focus related to a subject deemed by stakeholders to be pertinent to advancing the policy dialogue on visiting electives.

2016-2017 AFMC Student Portal Data on Visiting Electives, National Report

2016-2017 Methodological Notes

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